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Our Impact


  1. Collaborating with the local community have defined our end in mind; we have evaluated what we do and report on a number of actions performed by our beneficiaries and benefits attained at the end.

  2. National efforts, policies, strategies and the existing partnership have enabled us to realize our goals that fit in the global and National Development Agendas, trends and challenges.

  3. “We have strive to improved the quality of life of our people by fighting against extreme Poverty”.

  4. We have been informed about our achievement through record of  engagement of beneficiaries, we have synthesize their ownership of our grassroots projects and we have transferred the best practices to other communities

  5. We have learned new knowledge and techniques through collective voices, we have assessed the the uptake of our innovations to attain our goals and outcomes.

  6. We have managed to reach the needy people through Outreach service and Research. We have lessened the burden of ill-health through public health education, training and skills development among women, girls and youth in the face of relieving Poverty for good health and well-being.

  7. We have learned how to dealing with difficult human behaviors, their health seeking needs and violence issues against one another, sexuality, women’s access to services and decision making process, child labor, orphan care, HIV complex issue, maternal, Newborn and Child health and many others.

  8. Our impact are drawing from curtailing national and International barriers that impinge on human health,  inequalities, disparities in access to health, coverage and availability of health services.

  9. Your help may create more meaningful impacts to communities where the government cannot reach!

Children With Special Needs


We care about children with special needs to realize their potentials. We promote self employment opportunities to the disabled youth. We provide technical support to Girls and Young women at their time of need. We advocate for public health education on issues concerning their health. We tackle issues of water, environmental sanitation and hygiene to children with special needs especially when we live in the era of COVID-19. We mobilize communities to take part  in helping those with special needs and we still do more.

Our challenging question has always been, what do these people with special needs do after they graduate from schools?

Your donation may help someone with special needs!

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