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How We Do It

Leadership &Training

Leadership is one of the most important social functions; Training on Good Governance aim at strengthening the local capacities in leadership; with competence to lead and to participate in our grassroots projects; we inspires leaders and communities to fight Extreme Poverty.

Skills Development

Knowledge economy is one among life-milestones; with added advantage of having professional skills may not be enough for individual to negotiate into existing labor markets and excel; being healthy with competent life skills makes one to earn a living, those with competent life skills and financial education stand a better chance to achieve their financial freedom to escape from cycles of Extreme Poverty.

Policy change

While empowering our beneficiaries to fight extreme poverty we advocate for Policy Change that favors social inclusiveness in creating health and wealth-valued-life in the grasp of every individual.

Harmful Traditional Practices of FGM, Early Marriages, GBV and VAC are some of the examples of the unleashing that hinder women and girls from escaping poverty cycles. Our Grassroots projects are advocating for Gender equality and Social inclusion.

Relieving pain & suffering

SPRF is implanting the SDG’s #3 to bring about Good health and well being. Poor health and poverty are the kissing elements of one another.  There is no such better feeling of the heart that reaching down to relieve someone from pain and sufferings; we believe those with health body and minds are able to free themselves from Extreme Poverty. It is a matter of me and you, everywhere to act…

Grassroots Innovations

Our grassroots projects are mainstreamed from Health, Gender Equality and Social inclusion; Our capacity building, skills development and Institutional capacity  build-on sustainable Growth against Extreme Poverty. Our focus being women, girls and youth.

Global Networking

On advocating against Poverty we aim at sustaining healthy living individuals; We build on local and global networks to mobilize every one to participate in our actions. Advocacy, training, consultancy, outreach, Field work and Research are rapidly becoming the backbone of our work.

We achieve the set goals and targets by addressing challenges facing our communities, we learn from them and position ourselves in the light of needs and what is happening in our environment. Our priorities and targets are linked to result frameworks in a sustainable business model.