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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a Supreme Centre of Excellence in advocating poverty relief in all folk of life in Tanzania.

Our Mission

Poverty Rescue will be the central focus of all of our doings; achieved by instilling among SPRF members a philosophy of client and community centered approach, ensuring strong and transparent leadership at all levels by making wealth creation part and parcel of their culture in daily activities of all communities, staff, partners and the general public.

Our Goal

Our Definite goals are

Goal # 1: to creating enabling environment for Poverty Relief Actions

Goals #2: to create supporting systems to help vulnerable individuals and groups

Goal #3: to establish Health & Educational programs to promote health among women, youth and PWD.

Goal #4: to promote cooperation linkages with local and international partners for sustainable growth and development.

Goal #5: to strengthen SPRF Institutional Capacities to optimize its operational processes.

Our Core Values

Our values are

1. Innovation of ideas for human development actions

2. Equitable access of communities to health and support systems, involvement and participation.

3. Integrity and respect,  professional, moral ethics, transparency, responsibility and be accountable for our actions

4. Creativity 

5. Responsive team and commitments towards a common vision

6. Continuous learning and improvement.