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10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

As humans, we  have bad feeling that inflict us and impair our body functions. Symptoms are subjective feelings or noxious experience in our bodies. Symptoms may be stimulus for certain conditions or a disease. Some people spend time treating symptoms instead of tackling the root cause of the problem or a disease and many have tried everything without relief.

Whether you experiencing (1) persistent fever (2) sudden onset of pain or headache, (3) persistent cough or difficult in breathing, (4) numbness, (5) awareness of heart beats, (6) excessive thirsty, (7) excessive fatigue  (8) persistent diarrhea (9) Severe headache (10) lack of sleep and many others.

“Ask yourself:

  1. what are these symptoms mean to you?”
  2. Do you have any of these clinical symptoms? In general, clinical symptoms are subjectively bad feelings, obnoxious or bad experience and Clinical signs are objective evidence of a disease or condition founded on clinical observation by your Doctor. 
Tips to help you with symptoms
  • Observe the symptoms that gets worse with time
  • Avoid self medication on symptoms that are recurrent and your not sure of
  • Report your symptoms to nearby medical facility for medical help
  • Obtain cope strategy if you think your symptoms persist despite medical treatment
What if all effort fail?

Sometimes there are factors that impact our health  that we can’t control. If you think you need help; find a cope strategy, seeking advanced medical advice, may help.

Dr. Suleiman C Muttani has presented “Understanding health seeking behaviors that mean to solve your health problems” – Pride Women Clinic, Singida

 If you are feeling unwell, made self treatment and still have trouble with fascinating symptoms persists; go and seek medical help or specialist, that may need further referral.