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We fight to eradicate EXTREME POVERTY for Good health and well being!

Tunapigana kutokomeza umasikini wa kipato kwa Afya na Ustawi !


The Stars Of Poverty Rescue Foundation Tanzania (SPRF) is a not-for-profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that was registered in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania under the NGO act No. 24 of 2002 on 30th December, 2014. It’s Registration Number is 00007709

As a National NGO has been mandated to operate in all Districts of Tanzania Mainland. It is capable of acquiring, owning, purchasing and alienating movable and immovable properties and shall remain a non profit organization in Tanzania. 

At SPRF, we are seeing the world where every person has the basics for well-being; having food, shelter, clean water, safety, education, social life and feels important. 

We are seeing every individual with needs, though occasionally unmet, may be a result of the current state of affairs of the world today. We believe that, every individual has ability to seize opportunities around him or her but some may not; and those unable may need help. Our Desire is to help those unable, by serving humanity, we are creating wealth and valued healthy life among societies, we help people define their way of freedom and destiny, helping them to help themselves. 

We believe that, through networks we become friends of the World to bring hope to the under-served communities in Tanzania and beyond.






All To become a Supreme Centre of Excellence in advocating poverty relief in all folk of life in Tanzania.

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Poverty Rescue will be the central focus of all of our doings; achieved by instilling among SPRF members a philosophy of client and community centered approach, ensuring strong and transparent leadership at all levels by making wealth creation part and parcel of their culture in daily activities of all communities, staff, partners and the general public.







The SPRF Core values are

  • Innovative ideas for human developmental actions.
  • Equitable access to community support, involvement and participation.
  •  Personal integrity and respect of Professions and moral ethics.
  • Creativity for best outcome.
  • Responsive team with passion of  continuous quality improvement.


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Training in Leadership

Leadership is one among the most important social functions; Strengthening local capacities in leadership while carrying out our grassroots projects inspires people to fight Extreme Poverty.

Skills Development

Education is the first right of everyone. If one is healthy with competent life skills will earn a living. Early-childhood education will shape and nurture ones-life milestones towards adulthood, but Professional life skills will make make one to negotiate in the labor market and if trained on financial education will stand a better chance to manage environment around  him and shall free such individual from Extreme Poverty

Global Networks

Our global networks aim at sub-serving humanity, advocating against extreme Poverty to sustain healthy living individuals; and this make us think globally and act locally. .....

Advocacy for Policy change

 We advocate for policy change with policy makers to empower our beneficiaries to fight extreme poverty. The aim is to create wealth life in the grasp of every one.

Health & Well being

There is no better feeling of the heart that reaching down to relieve one from pain and suffering. We believe Health body and mind will free someone from Extreme Poverty. It is a matter of Every person, every woman, every child, everywhere...

Grassroots Innovations

Our grassroots projects are mainstreamed from Health, Gender Equality and Social inclusion through capacity building, skills development and Institutional Growth to build sustainable development against Extreme Poverty.

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